Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

ICE COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT Students attend 6 Months Theory and Practical Training in the College & 6 Months they undergo for Training in 5 Star Hotel every Year. At the end of 3 years our students are the best as they have 18 Months Industrial Exposure as compared to other college student which have only 3 to 6 Months Industrial Exposure. We also have the option of Earn your Degree program, were a student gets a parallel job when he join our College. He can earn his Degree by earning the entire fees as he gets a parallel job.


We are providing Diploma Courses to the students enrolled with Universities recognized by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, All the state Governments, University Grant Commission (UGC) and Association of Indian University (AIU).

Program DurationProgram Duration:

The program duration for Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery will be one year.

Evaluation ProcedureEvaluation Procedure:

Evaluation for each course covers two aspects: a.Internal assessment (IA) through assignments with a weightage of 40% b.Term-end examination having a weightage of 60%

Admission QualificationAdmission Qualification:

Any degree from a recognised University

Lateral EntryLateral Entry:


Documents Required For AdmissionDocuments Required For Admission

Two sets of Xerox of following documents (one attested and one notarised)

  1. Date of Birth Certificate or any document showing date of Birth
  2. 10th Marksheet

Minimum Marks required for PassingMinimum Marks required for Passing

No Candidate shall be declared to have passed in any course unless he / she obtains 40% in the aggregate of term-end examination and internal assessment put together for all the subjects.


  1. Ingredients
    • Classification-perishables, Market survey of euipment & Equipments Non persishables, Semi-persishable.
    • Selection, storage (hygiene) use
    • Equipment
  2. Biscuits
    • Classification Baking various types of biscuits.
    • Basic procedure in production.
    • Types of biscuits: Salted, Ice-Box, Piping, Rolling, Macroons, Tarts,
  3. Cakes
    • Classification Baking cakes.
    • Basic procedure - useful tips.
    • Faults in baking cakes - identification and rectification.
    • Decorative, Non-decorative.
  4. Icing
    • Classification Preparing and applying various types of Icing.
    • Basic Procedure.
    • Tools and Equipments.
  5. Pastries
    • Flaky and Puff Preparing various mixtures,types of pastes and mixtures.
    • Items
      -Patties, Vol-au-vont
      -Khara Biscuits, Cheese straws
    • Choux
      -Eclairs, Cream Rolls
      -Profit Rolls
  6. Breads
    • Classification Baking danion pastry breads, Bread Rolls
    • Basic Procedures
    • Variations of Bread
  7. Danish
    • Classification Banking danish pastry Crossont: and croissonts
    • Basic Procedures
      -Danish; Cinnamon
  8. Accounting Procedures
    • Purchasing and sales Maintaining accounts procedure in a unit
    • Maintenance of accounts
      -journal, leadzer
      -subsidiary books
      -final accounts etc.
    • Calculation of
      -selling & cost price, calculating selling price, gross profit, net profit.
      -gross & net profit
      -taxes, debit notes preparing a simple
      -preparing invoices statement of account.

Admission ProcessOffline Admission Process

  • Click here to download the form. Print Admission Form
  • Please make sure that you have filled all your details correctly
  • Affix your recent photograph
  • Date of Birth Certificate or any document showing date of Birth
  • 10th Marksheet



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