For  ICE College of Hotel  Management graduates the career options are endless!
Students holding either of the Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Hotel management, have a world of opportunities available to them. In addition to obtaining a highly regarded academic qualification, ICE College students have the experience of  work at world class hotels to add to their Curriculum Vitae upon graduation.
The most obvious lucrative career for graduates   is  a managerial job in world class hotels in India or abroad.  Indian Chefs are in great demand due to new found liking for Indian food internationally. Career opportunities galore in  travel and tourism industry, the planet’s fastest growing industry, around the world.  Hotel management  graduates are particularly valued and preferred by Airlines, Cruise line, Catering Services and Retail industry   employers.  
Besides hospitality industry,  career opportunities are  endless in other industries. Every industry needs qualified managers with a customer orientation. There cannot be better choice than hotel management students.
Students may also choose to pursue a  noble teaching career, working as college lecturers in India and and abroad.
Many graduates have preferred  to start  their own hotels and hospitality businesses to fulfill the exponentially growing demand of hospitality services in the Incredible India.
Students while on job or during industrial training may also choose to specialize in a particular functional area such as: Human Resource Management, Information Technology,  Sales & Marketing, Accounting or Finance. Specialization can occur over time, as a graduate concentrates on working in one functional area, or may be achieved by pursuing specialized studies.....          
Many students work part-time in the hotels, clubs, restaurants and tourism establishments located in Mumbai. Students are encouraged to work part-time as a means of preparing them well  before they take a plunge into the industry after graduation and also to take care of their daily expenses.
Students  are  also  exposed  to  waiting  at  five  star  hotel,  caterings services or private parties hosted by celebrities.


Placement and industrial Training
For over 5 years, ICE College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology  has placed its students in the India’s top  hotels for on job training. The industry relationships  have  played  a  significant  part  in  preparing students to compete in the  international  business  environment
ICE College of Hotel Management and catering technology places emphasis on the international standard of training. Special  emphasis is given on development of soft skills, information technology  and operational and strategic management  skills in  its students, so that its students can come upto expectation of the hospitality industry globally.

ICE College of Hotel Management and catering technology has developed links with several  reputed hospitality groups, the following list depicts some of them:
Holiday Inn;  Le Royal Meridien;  J.W.Marriott, Hyatt Regency ; Hotel Renaisance; Taj Palace,  Fariyas; Oberoi,  Taj Lands; Intercontinental the Grand; Sahara Star; Ambassador; Royal Palm, Juhu Plaza;  Taj Flight Service; Monginis; Bawa Intl; The Retreat; Orchid; ITC Hotel; Sun-n-Sand;, Hilton Tower, Mars Flight Kitchen etc and many other 4/3 star  facilities.







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