ICE College is established with the objective to bring "Management Education within the reach of common man"
Our objectives are :-

  1. To reduce the cost of education without compromising on quality of education.
  2. To increase the income of student so that they can pay their fees.

"If you give a person a fish, he will feed himself and his family once, If you teach a person to fish, he can feed himself and his family for the rest of his life"

  • It is our passion and blessings of the student’s parent which keeps us going. Weare in a process of setting up Training centers in and around Maharashtra.
  • Right to Education gives a person right to free education, we focus on Right to Earn you Degree where a student can earn and learn simultaneously making him able to pay the fees by himself/herself.
  • Right to Education requires a lot of funding which a government can manage but the arrangement of an infrastructure, staff and remunerations is definitely a burden on our govt.
  • Right to earn your degree does not need much funding as the student generates his/her own funds by getting a parallel job. It's just like utilization of wind energy, solar and wave energy.
  • YOU CANNOT BEG SUCCESS, YOU HAVE TO WIN IT, Earn your Success at ICE COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT. There are many big people running Institute of Hotel management in a lavish campus just like 5 star hotels but there is only one temple of Hotel Management Training i.e. ICE COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGMENT where we understand the need of the people and modify the program according to their needs and all are welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions Hotel Management in Mumbai

Which college is best for Hotel Management in Mumbai?

When it comes to learning hotel management, a classroom setting alone isn't enough. To truly excel in this field, practical training and hands-on experience are key. That's why the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai or otherwise anywhere are the ones that offer ample opportunities to work in real environments. ICE College stands out in this regard, offering an impressive 18-month on-the-job training program. Choose ICE College for practical training that sets you up for success in the field.

How much do colleges for Hotel Management in Mumbai charge?

Each college has its own fees structure. In India, it might range between 50k and 3L per year.

Is Mumbai really good for Hotel Management?

Mumbai is home to some of the country's best hotel management colleges, as well as some of the best 5-star hotels. As a result, Mumbai not only provides excellent education but also numerous job opportunities.

Does 12th marks matter in hotel management?

Yes, a 12th grade is required to pursue a degree in hotel management, but anything above 45% qualifies you for the program. Some colleges require entrance exams, but it is optional for some colleges.

Can girls do hotel management?

Yes, Hotel Management Courses after 12th are among the best options for females. Hotel management industries will be in high demand in 2023. These courses are well-paid and beneficial to a professional career.

What percentage is required for Hotel Management after 12th?

The minimum percentage required to pursue a course in Hotel Management after 12th is 45%.

Can you do hotel management after 10th?

Yes, after 10th grade, you can pursue a three-year diploma in hotel management and begin working immediately, or you can enroll in a direct second year of a degree hotel management program.

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